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The Artist Within 2019

January 8 – March 6 2019, Seattle City Hall

Art by Rafe Schwimmer

In 2016 we staged our first art exhibition—50 surprising, delightful paintings created by 41 vibrant persons living with dementia.  It toured for two years, inspiring 40,000 people with new connection and respect for our neighbors who live with memory loss.  The new exhibit will build on that experience.  Featuring 50 intriguing paintings created by seven exuberant individuals, each with their distinct view of the world. It will include personal reflections on the art by the artists and their families, plus more about them as creative persons and valuable members of our community.

Featured artists: Julia Blackburn, Rosemary Freeman, Gloria Kinney, Jane Kippenhan, Pat Kristoferson, Lenny Larson, and Rafe Schwimmer.

Exhibition Preview Gallery

Take a look at a few of the works featured in this exhibition…

  • Painting of mountain surrounded by fall colors
    Painting by Jane Kippenhan

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Page header: art by Gloria Kinney.