Postcards from the edge…

2015.6.30 dorothySupported Living can seem deceptively calm but look closer and it’s a hive of activity. I arrived to find the ladies at lunch.

First and Foremost—Evelyn is BACK! Hair done, glowing and looking queenly at the head of the table. They don’t call her the Countess for nothing.

“Evelyn, you look wonderful –how are you feeling?

“Well, not completely well. I’m not healing as fast as I think I should be and I’m going to the doctor to find out why.” I love this about her – 103 and there is no stopping her.

“Here is something good. The Beauty Salon is scheduling your facial. (I scheduled this for her last week when she was feeling very ill)

Ruby – I want to be sick if it means I will get a facial! And I’m going to eat that mango on Thursday (her favorite fruit but not served in Supported Living, so I bought her one and it’s been ripening on her windowsill for a week)

As I look around, I see:

Joyce feeding her constant companion—a little stuffed animal named Gus—a brownie

Jane and Janet chatting amiably

Phyllis fading but eager to respond to a hug and a neck rub

Everyone wants a neck rub and I dutifully comply. And to a woman—and one man—they croon with pleasure, smile and tell me I’m a wonder and heaven sent. They are so happy for each other.

A quiet place but filled with emotion, good will, good humor and happiness.

Such fun.

And then there is the art from last week – the model: shells on a blue cloth. What images they evoke.
2015.6.30 b

2015.6.30 Gloria

2015.6.30 Jane

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