Tuesdays with all my new Moms

I love Tuesdays! That is the day I visit all my adopted mothers in Supported Living. I arrive at the end of lunch and am greeted with such love, it makes my head swim. They ask about Mom, how I am doing with her gone. I tell them that visiting them is the next best thing to visiting Mom…and it’s true. Then a round of neck rubs. First at the ladies table – then I see hands raised at neighboring tables and I go them. “Heaven,” they sigh.

Then I get to see what they painted last week and, as always, I am stunned.

Take a look.

The model is below – Then see it through five sets of eyes.

2015.5.19 model

2015.5.19 Cynthia K

2015.5.19 Dorothy

2015.5.19 Jane

2015.5.19 Sue G

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