Absolutely Fabulous!

gardon flower bulbAnyone who thinks of Alzheimer’s and dementia as horribly depressing should come with me to Assisted Living.

I arrive at lunch time and everyone is in a jolly mood. They nod their approval as I greet each by her correct name. (Sometimes I get them mixed up but they are very patient with me.)

Flora (thin as a bird) consults me, “I ate a piece of toast and a brownie. Do you think that is too much?” “No, I think that is just right,” I say. She smiles. In fact everyone smiles. Happiness abounds.

“You bring a little bit of heaven when you come,” coos Jane.

And the paintings! Ever since I broadened my horizons to include everyone in Mom’s painting class, I’ve been totally amazed. These paintings by Sue and Janet are their interpretations of a flower bulb.
eggers flower bulb
model flower bulb
Absolutely fabulous!


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