Passion around the Painting Table

6.18 paintingThe women of the Assisted Living painting class certainly take art seriously.

They took their places around the table. For each there were small pots of yellow and gold paint. The painting proceeded quietly enough until the color red was introduced.

“Red!” shouted one. “That’s a terrible idea! These are completely different colors. They don’t work together! It’s a terrible idea!” She looked glumly around the table—clearly disappointed with the poor decision to use red.

And then they introduced blue. “Blue!” she wailed—incredulous. “This is worse than red! Horrible, horrible! Don’t use it!” she warned. “It won’t work! It will ruin your painting. Awful!” She sat there shaking her head, staring at me mournfully.

Mother painted away, humming and focused on her work.

But it is kind of wonderful to see such passion for painting.

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