Saying Goodbye

2014.1.14 paintingDon’t Panic. This isn’t the big goodbye.

Mother is here for the long haul. Since the 1850’s, her family has been living into their mid to late 90’s. They tend to announce when they are going to die and—right on schedule—they do.

But Mom is going to FORGET to tell herself to die… That‘s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No, this is the daily goodbye.

Normally we hug. As I leave, Mom will tell me, “Don’t work too hard.”

But lately she hasn’t wanted the visit to end. As I leave, she walks out with me with every intention of going where I go.
She looks up at me trustingly and I feel like I’m giving her the bum’s rush.

So today, we walked out together and marched back together—singing “Goodnight Ladies.”

Then a HUGE HUG. “Don’t work too hard.”

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