We sat down for our Scrabble game with the usual opening gambit. “Hi Mom, shall I beat you at Scrabble?”

She balls up her fists in mock aggression. “Noooo, I don’t think so…and I wouldn’t want to make you cry.”

In the middle of the game—“Do something that will help me. I’m very old you know… You should help a poor old lady.”

Then something new—“Usually when you get as old as I, you’re very intelligent.”

At the end of the game, we put the game away and get ready for a walk. I ask if I can use her bathroom, Normally she grins, puts out her hand and asks for 50 cents.

This time it was 967 cents.

“Shall we talk a walk?”, I ask.

“If you think you can walk that far.”

Very feisty. She enjoys the banter immensely.

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