Approaching 95

I haven’t seen Mom in two weeks—first out of town and then a horrible cold.   I was about to visit on Saturday but suddenly realized that—with a cold—I could infect everyone on the floor. So rats—no visit to Mom.  Today I finally got there. Despite my absence, she recognized me and greeted me with a huge smile.  I took two cookbooks with me so she could choose the dessert she wants for her 95th birthday next Friday.  One was her old Betty Crocker cookbook, worn and tattered with use.   I admit to a fanciful thought that she might recognize it but no dice.  She did, however, comment on its age.  “It’s old – like me.”  As we looked at photos of cakes and pies, she kept repeating, “num.”

“Do you want cake or pie?” I asked.


She adores ice cream so I think it will be pie a la mode

I told the nurses she was turning 95 and they all marveled.  “She doesn’t looked a day over 80.”

It’s true!

Here is her painting from last week plus the model.2014.3.11 painting

2014.3.11 model

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