Mom’s 94th Birthday

Tonight we gathered to celebrate Mom’s 94th Birthday.  Not as festive an event as we would have hoped—the Norovirus has been running rampant in Assisted Living and a quarantine has been in place for the past several weeks.   Consequently, Louise—Mom’s kid sister (92) and her cousin Frankie (93) were unable to join us.    So it was Mom and five of us—me, my sisters Jeanne and Sally, my brother Bob and his wife Patty.   I’m not sure she knew who we all were but she loved the company and especially the dessert.  That woman does love ice cream.

There have been no painting classes for the past few weeks as well so I have included one of my favorite photos of Mom—I think taken in 1927 when she was nine years old.  From left to right:  Joey Pritchard (later a Congressman and Washington State Lt. Governor), Louise McFee McIlraith, Frankie Pritchard, Mom and her brother Malcolm McFee. 

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