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Meet Mom

Mom, July 2012

Most stories about Alzheimer’s and dementia are filled with sorrow.  Not Mom’s. True, she has a short-term memory of about 3 seconds and true, she doesn’t always know who I am and yes, she isn’t who she once was, but she is happy, cheerful and essentially intact.

She lives entirely in the now—where every moment is clear and precious and lived as it comes—where everything is, to use her words, “ just delightful.”

And she paints… Mom had never painted a day in her life before she began painting water colors at the age of 89.  She has absolutely no memory of painting and when shown her work, actively resists the idea.  But when she forgets to tell herself that she doesn’t “do this”, she is really good—always interesting—sometimes remarkable.    And through her painting, she continues to be a vital, valuable member of our family circle.



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